Transitional Care

Recover Close to Home, Close to Family.

Stillwater Billings Clinic offers Transitional Care for patients recovering from illnesses or injuries such as neurological issues, strokes, orthopedic issues, wound care or IV Therapy needs. Our “close to home” service allows a patient time to rehabilitate while still having assistance at hand.  Our goal is to help patients reach optimal level of function, gain confidence, strength, functionality, and the ability to care for themselves once they return home.

Our care team is comprised of healthcare providers from different clinic departments that will help you in each component of your recovery.  Physical and Occupational Therapy will work toward gaining optimal function, mobility, and modifying or adapting ways for returning to everyday function and life skills.  Speech therapists are available to help those in need of cognitive retraining, swallowing and/or speech issues.  Dietary and pharmaceutical management also serve as an important piece in providing and teaching proper and healthy eating options as well as medication management.  Our staff will also be instrumental in helping to maintain spiritual, intellectual, and positive engagements in activities that are of interest to the patient.

Acute Care

Acute nursing care is for patients with short term injuries, illnesses, or chronic disease treatments.


Inpatient observation services are for patients who do not meet the inpatient admission criteria but need an observation period that allows time for a physician to evaluate the patient and determine the appropriate medical interventions.